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How Do Subtitles Play An Important Role In The Entertainment Sector?

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By the end of last year, as per the finding of several revered internet market research agencies, more than 82% of Internet traffic that was generated every day from users around the world consisted of videos.

It means that people these days are now more accustomed to getting information and entertainment through video-based content. This trend proved to be a boon for the global entertainment sector as the demand for multinational entertainment content is increasing incessantly. 

However, one must also remember that the global entertainment sector would not have been able to reach its current point of success if it wasn’t for multilingual subtitles.

How do subtitles play an important role in the entertainment sector?

Subtitling services offered by revered language service providers helped the global entertainment sector to readily broadcast multinational movies, TV shows and all forms of video-based entertainment content without localizing the same using dubbing, or remaking the original content.

In this way, just with the help of multilingual closed captions and subtitles, entertainment content creators and production houses were capable of making huge profits off their video-based content. At the same time, production houses and independent entertainment content creators were also able to keep the production costs for their respective entertainment content under control.

Can subtitles make videos Search Engine Optimized?

Yes, subtitles make video Search Engine Optimized from the get-go. Read on to learn more.

Production houses in Mumbai, Los Angeles or anywhere in the world that makes video-based entertainment content avail subtitling services in a bid to make their content Search Engine Optimized.

You read that right!

As per the professional opinion of the owner of a revered language service provider that offers subtitling services in Mumbai, leading Search Engines like Google have programmed their web crawlers (the bots that help a Search Engine index websites in its database) to put video-based content on the first Search Engine Results Page that comes with multilingual subtitles.

Are videos with subtitles easier to grasp?

Independent video content creators and large production houses associated with the creation of video-based entertainment content also avail multilingual video subtitling services as target audiences prefer to watch video-based entertainment content that comes with multilingual subtitles since subtitles make it easy for the viewers to understand the content better.

Is it true that subtitles make video-based entertainment content more engaging?

According to several close studies, it has been proven that close to 69% of people tend to watch video-based entertainment content without sound especially when they are in public places, on the move or have forgotten to bring their headphones. Hence, to ensure that such a large chunk of the untapped target audience has access to video-based entertainment content that is capable of keeping viewers engaged, independent video content creators and entertainment content production houses have to rely on subtitling service providers.

Rely on the subtitling experts at Shakti Enterprise

Shakti Enterprise has been offering quality-assured close captioning and multilingual subtitle services since 1985. The language service provider has been addressing the video localization needs of small, medium and large-scale corporations as well as production houses. The subtitle and closed captioning services offered by Shakti Enterprise are suitable for movies, TV programs, video games, YouTube videos, promotional collateral for brands, etc. Shakti Enterprise has certified linguists. Every language specialist tasked with closed captioning and subtitle creation projects is a native speaker of the targeted language(s). This simple step allows Shakti Enterprise to ensure the subtitles and closed captions created convey the nuances of the source dialogue(s) in the targeted language(s). Shakti Enterprise uses best-in-class pre-production tools and post-production audio-mastering technology. For more information, please visit

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