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The Complete Guide to Hiring Translation Agencies in India

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In today’s globalized business world, language translation has become an important part of communication. Business needs to speak customer language that makes easier for branding and promoting the product. However, every translation company works in a different format and according to the business requirement. Whether you are listing among the top 10 translation companies in India or global, it is important that you can consider certain factor. With the demand for translation has increased in recent times, the options to select the right translation company has also increased. Every small and large company is outsourcing the translation work to agencies.  This certainly brings down their burden and help in getting a quality translated document.

The process of translation:

When you hunt for translation services in Mumbai or any other part of the country, you will find that the process is not that complicated but requires good planning. The standard process is like-

Before Translation:

This includes collecting files, understanding the audience and business requirement, and putting together all the materials.


This is the important process where the entire document or website is translated or localized. In this process, proofreading also takes place to ensure there is no error in terms of grammar and sentence framing. The agency has a team of linguistic professionals who handle the translation project according to the requirement.

As you understand the process, it is now important to check the factors to consider when hiring translation services:


Whether you are looking the leading translation services in Delhi or any other place in India, it is important to know if the service is certified or accredited. A certified company with a good team of translators will ensure a good outcome. Companies look for the agency that has certification and has earned good value in the market.  So when you looking for the translation agency check the certification and how well they are experienced in this business.


Translation companies don’t just work on translating the text of documents, but also on website localization. Look for translation companies in Mumbai, which does the localization of website and translation of document accurately. If the agency you are outsourcing the project doesn’t have the expertise in the project then the outcome will be certainly negative. So before you hire them, get details about their expertise in the domain and how well they can produce the work.

A team of Native Speakers:

A professional translation agency comprises of native speakers who can handle the job perfectly. Let say, the business has a tie-up with a Chinese company and wants to set up its base in China. From legal documentation to website content, everything has to be according to the Chinese language. So the translation agency has to offer the service in native language too. The cost of the native translation may differ compared to document translation work.

Specialization in Languages:

There is no point in wasting time towards the agency that doesn’t have a team of translators who specializes in multiple languages. The agency must have the team of translation that has specialized in specific languages. Be it the translating in the Indian language, Russian, Chinese, French, or any other, the team should be specialized in the languages required for the translation.

Real or Virtual Global Office:

If you are planning to outsource the translation work to an agency, make sure they have a real office and is certified. This is because if the agency is located in the same city, then you can take a visit to the office to have face to face talk. Many well-known translation agencies have offices in different locations to offer wider service to clients. This also represents their progress in the business. However, there is no harm in connecting with the agency that is virtually located and offers translation work to global clients. The ultimate aim is to get quality and on-deadline translation work from the team.

Check the Core Business:

Most of the translation companies offer a multitude of services, other than just translating the documents or localizing the website. Hence, the quality of the work reduces affecting your business. So look for the translation company that runs the core business of translation and ensures that you get the best copy of the translation. Many top translation services in Mumbai offer translation as the core service so that quality isn’t hampered.

Streamlined Workflow:

Another important factor to consider is how the work is streamlined. It is the major parameter to consider that makes the partnership stronger. A streamlined workflow also helps to give a better output to the client. So when finalizing the deal, have a conversation with the project manager and translator to know the streamlined process of the work.

Translation Software:

Today, as the demand for translation has increased, the use of software has also increased. Many professional translation agencies use software to get an accurate result for the project undertaken. These tools carry all the features that make translation handy and easy to produce a quality outcome. Moreover, do check if the translators are well-trained to use the translation software.

Impressive to Clientele:

When looking for translation agencies in India, check the clientele of the agency and how well they are known among other clients. An agency with impressive clientele will ensure that it produces quality work for you. Check to which company globally it offers translation work and conduct some background check on their assignments.


Finding the right translation service for your company is important in all sense. If you are for a well-experienced and certified company then Shakti Enterprises, one of the leading translation companies in Mumbai is the right one to go for. Whether you want to have a medical translator or business translator team, Shakti Enterprises is the one whom you can trust upon. If you want to work upon document translation services or website localization services, then connect with Shakti Enterprises now.

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