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Here’s How You Can Select The Best Proofreading Agency

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Proofreading Services

You might be the best content writer, digital marketing professional, author or screenplay writer however, since you are human, it is natural for your literary work to have some degree of typographical errors. And if you publish your literary work(s) with typographical errors, you might lose your reputation or simply put your professional reputation at stake.

For the best results ensure that your literary work(s) are being vetted by revered and certified proofreaders associated with premier language service providers.

But, how can one select the best proofreading agency when the internet is saturated with small and large-scale agencies all stating that they are the best!?

Well, that is easy!

All one would have to do is select an agency based on the pointers mentioned below.

It is best to hire an agency that has talented people on its payroll

The best providers of proofreading services would have a strict and efficient hiring policy, especially for the proofreaders who would be working directly on the projects the proofreading agency would get from its clients.

Leading proofreading agencies would have in-house training sessions in place that would be designed to ensure that the in-house professionals are being subjected to current industry trends. Furthermore, leading proofreading agencies would only assign projects to their in-house professionals who are experts in the sector from which the project at hand belongs. In simple words, if your literary work is a dissertation on thermodynamics, the best proofreading agency would assign this project to its in-house proofreaders who at some point in their professional life have worked on similar projects. Or at least has the educational background to understand the complex terminologies budding physicists would use in their dissertations.

One must select a proofreader service provider that offers short TATs

Since proofreading is the penultimate step in the process of creating literary work(s), one must select proofreading agencies that tend to deliver vetted projects back to their clients in no more than 24 hours, despite the complexity, and word count of the project at hand. The sooner you get the vetted project back from your preferred provider of editing and proofreading services, the sooner you will be able to publish your literary work(s). It is as simple as that.

One must compare the tariffs of multiple agencies before finalizing the best one

It is always a good idea to get preliminary quotes from multiple agencies for your project. In this way, you can gauge the overall quality you would get from an agency and at the same time understand whether your money will be well spent or simply wasted!

The best proofreading companies would always accommodate the budget-related requirements of their clients. Despite the reputation and expertise of the agency, the best service provider would try their best to customize their tariffs for their services in a bid to ensure that none of the clients that approach them for a project leave with a bad experience. 

However, one must always remember that the cheapest tariffs do not always indicate great quality. Hence, one must select proofreading agencies that ask for reasonable remuneration for their quality-assured proofreading services.

Need high quality proofreading services? Contact Shakti Enterprise!

Shakti Enterprise has been the leading provider of best proofreading services in India for the past 30+ years. The language service provider is DIN EN 15038 and ISO 9001:2015 certified and also holds a NISC-CRISIL rating. Shakti Enterprise is also a corporate member of revered organizations like the American Translators Association, the International Federation of Translators and the Indian Translators Association. The language service provider has a pan-India presence and a clientele consisting of small, medium and international corporations. The proofreaders and editors working under the payroll of Shakti Enterprise are all certified and veterans of the sector. On top of this, Shakti Enterprise is known for short TATs and bespoke as well as reasonable tariffs. For more details, please contact Shakti Enterprise today.

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