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Grow Your Business With Professional Voice Over Services

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professional voice over servicesIn this audio-rich world, everyone wants their voice to be heard. The main aim of every business is to communicate effectively with their target audience. After all, we know that good communication brings clarity and imparts professionalism. It also helps to build long term relationships.

For a clear understanding of your business message, Voice over is something you must focus on. You may lose business if your target audience misinterprets your brand voice/ brand message. Therefore, opting for professional voice over services can be of great help to you in scaling up your business.

Voice overs are generally used in animated TV, audiobooks, movies, documentary television and film, commercials, video games, and multimedia.

Around the world, the dollar value of work that voice over actors complete totals over $4.4 billion USD

Why Are Voice Over Services Important For Your Business?

To enter a global market, you need to adapt and translate all your content – video, audio, text and image.

Whether the video is used for entertainment or for a webinar, you need to localize it. The variation in expressions and accent of a professional voice over artist can make your video more appealing. This will help you surpass the language barrier and reach larger audiences.

voice over services

It is important to adapt your content to keep the original meaning intact. For this, the right voice and accent are required. Here’s where voice over service comes into the picture.

Let us understand how these services benefit your business.

1.Natural Sounding Voice Overs

When a normal person is in front of a microphone, you will find him reading a text with too many pauses and no voice modulation. There will be loud breathing sentences and inconsistency in the message.

Our professional voice-over artists control the rhythm and breath correctly. They make sure; you do not hear any disturbing pauses while listening. Having trained their voice for years, they can make communication enjoyable.

2.Avoid Regional Accents

Every language has its unique regional variation. The audience can easily detect the local accent, and the differences can be disturbing.
Our voice-over artists speak neutral language and control their accent effectively.

The voice behind your video content represents your business. So, you need to be careful while selecting a voice-over artist.

3.Attracts Eyeballs

According to 52% of marketers, the type of content with the best ROI is Video. Videos help boost the conversion rate.

Bad voice quality can ruin your commercial videos like presentations and webinars. It can affect the viewer’s attention span, whereas a professional video voice over can grab your viewer’s attention. They are persuasive and can give the right rhythm to your script.

Using the word “videos” in an email subject line can increase the open rate by 19%.

4.A Increased Online Visibility

According to statistics, high-quality videos generate 1200% more shares than images and text together. (Source: Wordstream). To achieve such level of engagement, you need to create unique visual stories.

Boring videos with unclear messages and bad sound will not spread the news about your business. Professional voice over services will help you win over your audiences and convert viewers into customers.

YouTube has more than one billion users (almost a third of all internet users) and registers no less than six billion hours watched monthly.

5.Communicate Emotions

One important advantage of working with voice-over actors is that they understand the emotion behind each line.

The ability to deliver the right emotion in each communication is vital. Professionals in this field develop actual skills, and their voice gives personality to each character, making the audio content a success.

Final Thoughts:

Voice over for commercials is the best solution to make your content lively. The variations in expressions and accents make the content more presentable.

Voice over also helps to narrate your story in a way that is more understandable and engaging.

We Deliver Professional Voice Over Service For A Variety Of Channels Including,

E-learning Announcements Audiobooks
Imaging Kiosks Narratives
Instructional guides Voice Over for IVR Product Endorsement
Customer and Sales Presentations Corporate and Promotional Videos Point of Purchase & Point of Sale Messages

Upcoming Trends In The Voice Over

It is good to stay informed about the happenings of the industry. To know which way the wind is blowing, check out the voice-over trends for 2020 mentioned below:

1.Female Voices Are in Demand

The demand for female voices is rising high as compared to the male voice. Historically, there was a need for male voices in the entertainment industry. But now, advertising agencies want to pitch in a different way. The industry is therefore, turning to female voice over artists.

2.E-learning Is On The Upswing

Statistics say that eLearning will be a $275 billion industry by 2022 (elearningindustry). As such, it would be wise for voice over artists to get into this market.
Since 2015, eLearning has grown by 7.5% annually. One of the reasons for the growth factor includes the low cost. The cost to develop and record a course is very less. Another important reason is increased internet use and the shift toward flexible learning options. This makes eLearning attractive.

3.Freelance Economy Is Growing

Instead of turning to marketing agencies, people are hiring freelancers. Content creators are also looking for freelancers to record voice over spots.

A Gallup poll from 2018 reported that 36% of American workers are in the free market system, otherwise known as the gig economy (smallbizlabs). This is good news for a freelance voice over talent.

Giving Voice To Your Brand

Every business, irrespective of the nature and size, can benefit from voice over service. Having the assistance of a professional voice over agency can boost your business confidence in multiple global countries.

Shakti Enterprise integrates the voice over seamlessly to ensure that the adapted version matches the quality of your original product. This involves overlaying voice over matching the time-code and script.

Whether it is a 30-second commercial, two-minute YouTube video, or an hour-long e-learning program, our platform ensures the fastest turnaround and the highest voice over quality. We can assist you with all your voice over needs.

To grow business and build a global customer base, get in touch with Shakti Enterprise.

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