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Digital India demands Web content in all Indian Languages.

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Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India said in one of his speeches

                                                          “I dream of Digital India.

                                              It was once said Railways connects India.

                                                       Today I say IT connects India…

                                    I fully believe Digital India can compete with the World”

The Digital India Movement has picked up and is on fast track thanks to the Digital India drive and indirectly thanks to the Demonetization which forced many to adapt Internet usage for banking and commerce.

A conservative estimate of growth of Internet puts India Internet Users at almost 500 million by end of the year 2018. With 6 million users are getting added every month, website localization will become the cost effective solution to penetrate in Indian Market

Key Drivers for Growth of Internet:

  • High Penetration of Smartphones
  • Better Connectivity
  • Increased affordability
  • Increased Awareness

By the year 2018, the penetration of Internet will be 40% with 54% of Indians above 25 years of age having access to the Internet.

The dream of Digital India is not over till every Indian is adapting the Internet for knowledge, trade, and commerce.

Website Localization in Hindi, followed by other Indian languages is possibly the first step as 70% of Indians are not familiar and comfortable with English. Given a choice, they will prefer their native language for product and service information as well as for acquiring knowledge and for making purchase decisions.

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