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Amazon Prime receives higher engagement in Malayalam and many other regional languages

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According to Economic times, Amazon Prime is planning to produce content in regional languages in few years down the line.

The ever-increasing memberships from small towns and success of its own productions like Mirzapur and Comicstaan inspired it to take this big step in business.

Prime member growth head, Mr. Subbu Palaniappan says that they are yet to understand what kind of programmes attract and build a connect with the people different regions.

By quoting an example of non-Kerala people watching Malayalam films, he said that Amazon Prime entertainment segment has rapidly grown across south Indian languages.

The company also wants to acquire the rights of old songs and movies in regional languages. At present 400 towns and cities in India have adopted Amazon Prime, which has programmes in nine languages. Their unrelenting consumer focus has enabled them to achieve the success they have today.

Amazon has also perfectly demonstrated as, how to localize your eCommerce site to specific markets. Amazon’s website in the UK has a different design as compared to the US ones. Amazon also focuses on different products depending on the market being targeted.

Understanding the cultural and local needs with eCommerce localization is important to succeed in the global market. If a consumer doesn’t see what they want, they are likely to leave your website and find a different eCommerce site better suited for their needs.

One of the best ways for companies to go global is by localizing their eCommerce website. With a localization service provider, you can explore new opportunities for your business in no time.

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