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7 Things need to know about Translation Services to Become a Translator

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Professional translators

Presently, worldwide there are 6,500 languages spoken and each language has its own vocab which differs from other languages. Not every person is eligible to speak or translate every other language. However, for a business that needs to rich its wide audience in different countries, the translator is important. In fact, translators play an important role that helps in assisting companies to get documents translated or even website translation. The growing demand for translators has induced aspirant translators to learn different languages. In 2015, a total job created in translation was around 135,000. As the globalization has increased, the need for translators in businesses has also increased.

Online translation service has also witnessed a quick growth due to the increase in demand for translators. From documents to the website, these professional translation services in India offer services in various areas.

Before you become a professional translator, there are certain things to consider about translation:

• Communicate more than just Translate:

Whether you are working as in-house translator or outsourcing for a company, you need to remember that you need to communicate but not just translate. You need to understand your target audience and get the context right to avoid any miscommunication. The dialect, age group, education level, product and market size are important to understanding.

•   Translation or localization:

Localization happens when the website and service are for local people. Your goal is to spread the product to international market. Your goal should be to communicate effectively. To understand the difference between translation and localization.

•   Using latest Translation Software:

As the time progressed, there is new software for translation helping translators to translate the language for the website. Language translation software help translators in getting the right vocab and sentence formation according to the document or the website content. However, fully relying on the software isn’t recommended. So self-understanding or learning about the language is very important.

Now let us check some important skills translator must have to stay for long years:

1.   Listening Skills:

A good listener will certainly become a good translator and listening is an important skill or art the translator should carry. Read the text before starting or listen fully to the recordings to understand what the text is all about. In long run, this skill will certainly help in personal relationships.

2.    Writing:

You should have good writing skills in both native and target language. Take up the language learning course, where you will be trained to write the specific language. Modern languages are evolving and expanding constantly, so one has to stay updated with the changes in the language.

3.   Cultural Intelligence:

You need to understand various cultural barriers and translate the language to meet the expectation of different countries. Cultural intelligence is an important part of the translation and the translator must be accurate to understand it. So learning about the cultural intelligence will certainly improve your localization and translation skills for the company that is taking the service to a new country.

4.   Observation:

Try to become a word collector of the languages you are interested to learn. Technical terms, new concepts, and patterns are important to learn and understand the native stuff. You can develop your observation skills by traveling, having a conversation with people and other ways.

Steps to become Professional Translator:

•   Get Certified:

Having a certification of the translator is the first step to become a professional. In fact, professional translation online company hire certified translators to get the best job done. You can earn this translator certification by joining a course upon completion you will be awarded the certificate. However, to get this certification you will have to undergo various language learning training and tests, passing which can be a task. However, once you have achieved the certificate, you can proud of having extra language communication ability.

•   Gain Experience:

Experienced translators are in great demand, and so to gain the experience, you can take up the internship with a translation company. You can enroll in classes for translation and interpretation where you can get some good experience. Experience matters a lot and offers a great opportunity to work with professional companies.

•   Good Marketing:

To get hired by a reputed translation company, you need to market your skills. Most translators and interpreters market well themselves to get hired and work for long term. You can create a profile on job sites, or make a blog of language translation or interpretation. This is the best way to market and gets hired.

•   Keep Learning and Educating:

Educating self about the latest changes happening in the translation field is the best way to know about translation service. You can stay updated about language translation and interpretation and learn about things to stay ahead in the market and work accordingly.


Once you have understood the basics and methods to become professional translation and about translation services, you can get into the field. Shakti Enterprises, one of the leading translation services in India offers language translation and interpretation service for clients globally. Shakti Enterprises hunts for professional translators with good skills and ability to take up the challenging tasks. From website localization to document translation, this online translation service is at your service.

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