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Overcoming the Difficulties in Translation Process with right solutions

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Overcoming the Difficulties in Translation Process with right solutions

Like every other profession, translation job is also quite difficult to follow in some scenario. Different languages have different idioms, glossaries, and pronunciation, which has to be perfect to keep the communication sharp and crisp.

This is why the translator is trained to perfection. Businesses that ventures into a new non-English market requires translation service that can translate the documents and represent the company in the new market.

But if the translator isn’t trained well, there can be a communication problem. Difficulties in translation process are mostly due to language structure and words, be it in written or verbal. The translator needs to know the rules of the language and the tone people speak.

Once the translator overcomes the difficulties in the translation process, it makes it easier to communicate.

Translation services hire professionals who carry years of experience in the field and have worked on various projects. This certainly infuses confidence in clients of getting quality error-free work.

Before we head to the solutions for the difficulties, let us first check what the difficulties in translation process translators’ face are:

Lexical-Semantic Problems:

Some translators face the problem of terminology, semantic gaps, contextual synonyms and antonyms. This affects the overall structure of the sentence and language.

To resolve the problem, the translator can resolve the problem by consulting dictionaries, glossaries, and experts.

Language Structure:

If the language is complex, then it can be a huge challenge. In general, the English sentence comprises of the verb, subject, an object.

However, in some languages, sentences are quite difficult to understand. Be it the Arabic, Chinese or French, the language structure is quite difficult to understand.

Compound Words:

Compound Words comprises of two to three nouns and adjectives. Some three forms of words are;

  • Closed Form (Keyword, notebook, childlike)

  • Hyphenated Form (Mass Produced)

  • Open Form (Attorney general, Real Estate)

Some compound words are straightforward which reflects the meaning. However, there are some compound words having half term and can be confusing.

There are some words too that can have completely different meaning. This makes it difficult for the translator to translate the language.

Words having Multiple Meanings:

Be it in English or any other language, the meanings of some words are quite different. This includes scale (of fish) and weighing scale. There are words spelled similarly but sound different (windy day and windy road).

In this situation, the translator must read the sentence properly and carry a good knowledge of the vocabulary of both sources.

Technical Knowledge of the Language:

There are some specialized documents which require a high level of subject knowledge and mastery language. This is when translators find hard to create a crisp translation of the language.

Difficulty in Dialect Usage and Style:

Style matters a lot in translation, especially technical translation. The translator needs to express information about the document which is clear and concise. It helps the readers to understand the information in the document clearly.

Different languages have different dialects and style, and the translator must have this knowledge.

Apart from above difficulties, there are other issues like:

  • Time Limitations
  • Legal Consideration

Overcoming in difficulties in translation requires a good amount of research and practice. Whether there are problems of translation in literature or business documents, the professional translator should carry enough knowledge about the language and its structure.

We now look into the solutions for the translation problem faced by translators:

Using Back Translation:

This is the most common techniques of translation used for equivalents through:

  • Translation of items from the source language
  • Independent translations of these back into source language

The translator must identify the semantic errors in translations and by using dictionary and glossary book.

Using Software Tools:

Translation services presently use latest tools that are designed for translations. It has, in fact, made the process easy. This software provides complete details about the grammar and idioms of the respective language.

Many website translation services use these software tools for translation purpose and offer the service to clients.

However, completely relying on the software isn’t recommended because in many cases it doesn’t detect the mistake or can’t translate the words exactly.

So the translator needs to have complete knowledge about the words and proofread the document completely.

Understand the Culture:

The translator needs to understand the culture of the respective language while translating the document or website.

Whether the project is of website localization or document translation, understanding the culture of the country or state is the part of the process.  During the translation training, translators are trained on how to cultivate the understanding of the culture.


Like mentioned above, every translator goes through some difficulties, and overcoming the problem is important. Translation companies need to train and assist their translator to overcome this problem.

This will certainly benefit in translating the document or website localization with perfection.

Shakti Enterprise, one of the leading translation and interpretation services in Mumbai, India and has been dealing with clients regional and global.

The interpreters of Shakti Enterprise study the problems faced by translators during translation and accordingly work on rectifying the issue.

If you are looking for document or website translation or localization, then Shakti Enterprise is the one you must look forward.

Do connect with the professionals of Shakti Enterprise and get your documents translated to reach a wider audience.

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