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Why Someone Might Need Certified Translation Services?

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Certified Translation Services

According to statistical data, one in five certificates or documents submitted for official use are often riddled with inaccurate information or are downright fraudulent!?

Instances like the ones mentioned above often arise when professionals use AI-based translation tools to localize a certificate or an official document. 

Why shouldn’t you use AI tools to translate certificates and official documents?

When someone chooses not to avail certified translation services but instead uses generic AI-based translation tools to localize their certificates or business documents, they are increasing the chances of the localized document being riddled with factual inaccuracies. Furthermore, since AI-based translation tools can never mimic the creativity of human linguists, the documents in question that have been translated by using AI-based translation tools might appear to be fraudulent to the intended audience.

Why someone might need certified translation services?

Applying to educational institutions overseas becomes a cakewalk!

Leading providers of certificate translation services are also consulted by professionals as well as students who are about to get admission to prestigious educational institutions overseas.

With the help of certified translation services, applicants can see to it that their applications are exemplary enough to dazzle the people who are tasked to eradicate applications that do not conform to the high standards set by the institution in question.

One can register their marriage

No one is confined to their home town anymore. When the opportunity knocks, everyone either leaves their home town or motherland in search of a better life or profession. If such an opportunity knocks on your door and you are about to be settled abroad with your spouse then it is natural for you to register your marriage overseas. Marriage certification localization can help you and your spouse to become permanent residents of the nation where you are about to be settled easily. 

Does a businessperson also need certified translation services?

Yes, a businessperson might also need certified translation services. Some of the instances where one would have to consult a certified translation agency are mentioned in the sections below.

It becomes easy to get hands on certifications and licenses overseas

Providers of certified document translation services also help entrepreneurs easily get their hands on certifications and licenses overseas.

Here’s the enunciation.

Whether one is planning to run a car rental company or a restaurant overseas, one would need to make sure that the company has all the right licenses and certifications that conform to the local norms of the target location. And to do that, the entrepreneur would need to produce business documents that would offer a detailed record (and proof) to concerned officials that the entrepreneur is indeed fit to run an enterprise in the nation in question. Often, the documents provided by an entrepreneur might be in languages that are alien to government officials in the target location. Without professional translation, the entrepreneur might get their licence/certification application rejected.

Certified translation services enable businesses to carry out dealings seamlessly

Availing translation services offered by revered translation agencies lets businesses carry out international dealings in a seamless manner. Globalization is part and parcel of running an enterprise these days. And with globalization, it is natural for an entrepreneur to localize a plethora of business documents periodically and when such instances arise, it is best to hand over the documents to certified document translation experts so that one would not lose a business deal to their rival just because the client was unable to make sense of a business document since it was riddled with inaccurate information.

Contact Shakti Enterprise for all kinds of certified translation services

Here at Shakti Enterprise professional (and certified) translators localize and translate certificates as well as official documents under the watchful eyes of veteran project managers who are adept at managing certified translation projects. Shakti Enterprise has a pan-India presence and an international team of linguists that together allow the language service provider to render certified translation services in more than 100 languages. For more details, please contact the certified translation agency today!

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