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The Growing Industry of Translation and LocalizationAccording to Forrester Research, “There is three times more likely to get people to buy products in their own language sites.”

According to Anderson Consulting, “Companies must adapt their websites to the language, culture and monetary units of the country or risk losing customers.”

Some of the issues from Local Concept evaluated when a localized version of a web page is developed are:

  • Where the source content is created and who is the author? Who updates the source files and how often?
  • Is there a CMS (content management system) or GMS (Global Management System)? If so, what would be the best practice for the localization workflow?
  • What is the best strategy to locate the graphics and multimedia files?
  • Cultural assessment: the location of a web page is not just translation. Cultural differences are taken into account, word for word.
  • Local Concept helps you change your website to suit anywhere in the world without cultural, social, political and economic barriers.


Web View is the online tool Local Concept for review of multilingual content. Normally, the industry uses Excel files or control function highlighted in red to express opinions or make changes.
Thanks to the WebView tool Local Concept, revision and introduction of comments can be made online very easily.
To include automation. We have the technology.

Website Translation Services is the most cost-effective solution to add your customer base in existing market and to penetrate the new market. Identify your market and culturally connect with the vast majority of a customer whose mother tongue is not English, by website localization in multiple languages.

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