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Don’t worry about the travel COVID-19 documentation anymore. Regardless of your destination, professional vaccination certificate translation services can prepare a vaccination translation of the required documents. The translation experts are familiar with the standards of COVID related documents and can handle all the tasks to make your trip easier. These professionals do their best to meet your needs and provide translation services for all COVID documents that airlines and governments can request.

● COVID Immunization Certificates Translation

One of the most widely used documents needed for travel is the PCR test these days. Possible variants are documentation for recovery (including previously performed training COVID tests). If you have to bring the results of the PCR test, bring it 72 hours before your trip. Also, keep in mind that once the document is ready, you need to order a translation so that you can receive the document on time. This article is almost always allowed in digital format. Therefore, you may only need to save the PDF document or result and the QR code for translation.

● COVID Rapid Tests Translation

Another widely accepted document is the recent negative Rapid Test results. These include RT-LAMP antigen, TMA molecular ID NOW or NAAT tests. Because there is a quick test, you should get it in 4 hours before the maximum travel time. Electronic versions of the results are also widely accepted.

● Translation of the COVID Vaccination Passport

In many countries, travellers will need a record of currently receiving the required COVID vaccine. You will receive a card or some kind of document with evidence made in their native language. In some cases, this vaccination certificate is kept in your passport. You will need to translate your card, document, or passport to board or enter the country. You can translate the vaccination record document and receive it again within an hour.

Some countries require all vaccination records and recent voice test results. You will need to do your research to find out what you need in the country you are entering. After that, order a translation service of your country’s tests or vaccines by a native-speaking expert.

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