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Top Languages Used On the Internet for 2021

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You must be wondering which language to use for spreading your business’s perspective on the web. There are many languages available and you need to stick to the top languages when it comes to translation and localization. You must translate your website or digital content into the topmost used languages on the internet. So, here we have given the list of the top 5 most used languages on the internet:

1. English

No doubt, English is the most used language on digital platforms. English language users are 25.3% on the internet. Every business must have an English language website as a wide range of people understand and can read English.

2. Chinese

Chinese is growing its popularity online. 19.8% of people are using Chinese for their virtual interactions. This may be because of the population of China.

3. Spanish

More than 750 million internet users use the Spanish language. There are many native Spanish speakers and others learn this language for many purposes. You can localize and translate your digital content into Spanish and see the benefits on your own.

4. Arabic

You might be surprised by seeing the Arabic language in this list, but it is the fourth top language used on the internet. Around 168.1 million Arabic speakers use the internet and they are comfortable in this language. It is worth trying this language for the best results.

5. Portuguese

Portuguese is a recent revolution in the internet industry. Around 131.9 million Portuguese use the internet and make most of it. It is a potential language to turn your business upside down.

After these languages, there comes Malaysian or Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, French, and German. The most popular languages like French and German are not as popular on the internet as Arabic or Japanese. Hence, you must know which language is more trending for web content.

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