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The untapped Potential of localization for market expansion

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time-to-investFor Indian companies, given the optimism and mood, it is now the right time to launch a full scale global communication to succeed and grow in global market.

One of the first steps is globalization of product and services for International market. The next step is to localize the website in the language of the target market in order to effectively connect with local population.

What is Localization?

Localization is the art of transforming the original message while translating the content. Localization takes into consideration cultural and linguistic differences that exist in different market. Professional translators who are native speakers of the language understand the style and preference in use of words and sentences in their country. This is a great advantage since the translation becomes properly localized, with some of the sentences altered, unwanted contents removed, images which are objectionable are suggested for changed with a view to make the website translation as good as original.

Why Localize?

  1. Localization helps in Market Expansion:

Website localization takes the first step in today’s digital world for penetrating into new market and thus expands your market. As more and more people are browsing the net in their local language for product and service information, having a SEO enabled website in regional language is the most cost effective solution for market expansion.


  1. Localization makes effective connection with the consumer:

The selection of language is a crucial factor to connect with your consumer. English is known to majority of population worldwide. But they are more comfortable in reading and knowing about new product information in their local language. They trust a localized version which has a global touch rather than a foreign product which is not localized.


  1. Localization enables you to grow business in unknown territory:

Even if 10% of sales comes from market where English is not the first language or official language, you will know that localization of your website will boost sales further.


  1. Localization improves reach in global market:

English has limited reach in global market. With less than 30% of Internet users world-wide speaking English as their native language, it does not make any business sense to do global business with your “English Only” Website. The essential needs are website localization in Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic apart from any other regional language of the market where you find the potential exists to succeed.


  1. Localization increases traffic to your website compared to competition:

Product and service information if available for sharing and made interactive in local language and told in a manner which is culturally connecting, has the power of increasing traffic to your website. A multi lingual website is the solution as the website localized properly will connect culturally and speak in their language.

As they say “Think Global. Act Local”.

Engage with your target audience by localizing your website in their language and grow business.

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