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The Power of English and Identifying the Best English Translation Services

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Best English Translation Services

According to some genuine sources, the origin of English dates back to the 5th Century when the invasion of Britain occurred. When we think about language, countries like the USA and the U.K. come to mind as places where it is spoken natively. But as a matter of fact, we know that over the years many other countries have adopted English alongside their native tongue, and below are some statistics given for its depth of inclusions-

  • It is noted that about 125 million people speak English in India which involves domains like industries, schools, colleges, businesses, art and culture, etc.
  • Nigeria being the most populous country in Africa has diverse language profiles. Over 60 million people speak English and they utilize it for business dealings and media communications
  • Pakistan also uses the language in schools and businesses and around 49 million people speak English.
  • Among 11 official languages, English is one of the languages in South Africa. As a result of British colonization, most of the population speaks fluent English.

With the rise of different countries adopting English, it becomes imperative that countries utilize this language as a universal medium to communicate among themselves whether it is in terms of business activity, military, exchange of technology, space exploration projects, or simple business exchanges. This is where the advent of English translation companies and their services comes in because sometimes we see that English is not the native language in all countries and they need proper translators who will guide them to understand the culture and language of the native-speaking countries and also vice versa.

As a result, there are hundreds and thousands of language service providers, and identifying them and managing the vendors is increasingly becoming difficult as it is becoming a full-time job in itself. Think about the number of translation services that a metro city like Mumbai in India would have just because there are several renowned MNCs residing and doing their businesses. Even it becomes a hectic exercise for a global organization to find the best professional English translation services in Mumbai because the domain of translation is rapidly evolving and innovative translation technologies are revisiting traditional service models frequently.

The above information and the case study bring back the most important question- how one would identify the best English translation companies when almost all of them provide complete translation services with a competitive price point? To make things easy, below are some tips that can help one to choose the right translation services-

  • Delivers instant Quote- If we look at a conventional English language translation service in India, we will notice that they rely on manual work for most of the tasks within the translation process. These involve file analysis in order to provide their clients with a translation quote. It’s typical to revert to the estimate within a day or two or maybe even more. However, time matters the most nowadays as it helps an organization to zero in on their decisions quickly to decide which service company to go for, so that there is no loss in business activity.
  • Competitive pricing- It’s one thing for an English translation company to advertise that they offer the best affordable certified translation services and quite another to have the minimum charge. Over time we have seen how a typical user manual comes with minimal wording (maybe 500 or less) and even digital content today continues to shrink in size which makes the ratings of the translation services hard to gauge. As a result, one must ensure that their translation vendor doesn’t end up charging a minimum fee for such requests because they can add quickly.
  • Translation samples- Many organizations provide translation samples to test a supplier to check the linguistic quality. This becomes only time-consuming but also ends up with the vendors who are misfits for the job.
  • Online translation- Traditional translation companies are deemed to be opaque in their working methodology and their customers never have the liberty to check the progress in real-time. Online certified translation services allow customers to check on the progress in real-time thereby reducing the time loss in business deals.
  • Accreditation in Quality- For example any English language translation service in India can claim that they offer the best translation quality. However, it is always advised for organizations planning to collaborate with English translation companies that are ISO-certified.

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