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The Growing Industry of Translation and Localization

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The Growing Industry of Translation and Localization

The Growing Industry of Translation and Localization

The translation market is growing at the faster rate. With more and more companies are connecting with each other globally, the need for language translation Services is increased remarkably. Similar to translation, localization to has become an important part. Website localization is in great demand for those sites which offers services regional wise. Translation and localization services are bridging the gap between companies. Though English is the universal business language, other languages like French, German, Italian and Spanish too are important for business purpose. So localization services are offering a complete solution in translating the documents in the local language. In the current scenario, government and companies must communicate with the public in the local language to keep a strong relationship.

The wide number of languages spoken in the world is a part of globalization. Localization and translation is an industry that is currently thriving. According to the Common Sense Advisory, there will be translation industry growth in coming years. In fact, the global marketing for outsourcing language and technology will reach by $49.8 billion. This has exceptionally pushed translation and localization companies to use modern technology and offers quality services for companies globally. In fact, according to the, translation and localization services were the 7th fastest growing industry to in invest in 2016.

The Actual Meaning of Translation Service Industry:

To be precise, translation services include companies that translate written material and interpret the document from one language to other. Translation services provided by the companies include translation of documents and websites (also known as localization). Localization services are quite common for those websites that need to deliver the message in the local language.

There is a stiff difference between localization and translation. Let us check localization services definition:

  • Website Translation: This is the process of changing original language version of the web with the substitute words to another language.
  • Website localization: This is the form of adapting web content and application into the regional flavor. In a broader sense, it is to modify the source language and other elements into the regional flavor.

There are many localization examples of websites that are changing the face of localization industry. Top localization companies ensure following some essentials while providing the service:

  • Strategy: Creating strategy for reaching the target market and working according to the native tongue
  • Technological Support: Companies use the right technology to provide quality business to client
  • Customer Experience: Using aesthetic layouts and fonts to offer easy to use the experience to the customer.

In basic words, Localization definition can be broken into two different categories- Cultural and Functional.

Localization examples of cultural content include:

  • Colors, Shapes, and Styles
  • Images, Icons, and Graphics
  • Societal Codes
  • Societal Values

Functional Content:

  • Date and Time Formats
  • Weights, measurements and geographical reference
  • Language and Linguistic content

Defining Translation and Localization methods by Content:

Website translation and localization differ on a tactical level. Generally, a simple translation is done for content types according to the market; localization requires adapting highly creative marketing content according to the local language. The website may contain different content types- from legal to technical. Keeping the efficiency as the reason, you need to choose between localization and translation. You need to also consider the audience and content of nature.

A Good Opportunity for Companies:

Companies that deal with various domains and having tie-ups with global clients, localization and translation service from the reputed company is a great opportunity. With the global demand for healthcare, IT and other domains are increasing; language service industry is also increasing.

Let us check industry which is set to increase in near future:

  • Technical Domain Translation:

    Translation of technical related documentation is expected to rise as a part of manufacturing changes and higher exports. The technical translation services required in automobiles and gadget industries.

  • Pharma Translations:

    The need for medical translation services a good rise in recent years. The translation is required to bring the products and service to potential customers. Asia-Pacific medical industry is the fastest growing segment. For translation industry, this is quite good news. As the pharma industry grows, the translation for pharma increases.


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