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The exponential rise of the Bengali language and the perks of its translation within India and Beyond

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As compared to other significant languages in India, Bengali holds its place in the second position as the most spoken language among others and positions itself 6th in the number of native speakers around the world.  And it is inevitable given the history it has since the 10th Century CE. Additionally, according to UNESCO, it is considered the sweetest language in the world. According to a recent study, Bengali is spoken by 20% of the world’s population, hence its usage in local businesses in the origin state of West Bengal and other countries like Bangladesh is well distinguished. It’s not only businesses but also the richness in the literature that the Bengali language has instilled since the very inception of poets and novelists like Rabindranath Tagore in the late 80s.

As of now, we notice the rise of Bengali culture and tradition abroad and also in India which makes it imperative to translate the language in other forms as required by businesses and institutions within India and beyond. 

Professional Bengali translation services are in demand nowadays, more than ever, when it comes to translating the language whether it’s art or literature or even regular business deals. This started especially through literature when Medieval Bengali literature motioned as the richest language in South Asia in the early 90s. When it comes to businesses, the state of West Bengal is home to many IT sectors and parks and its traditional artisanal MSMEs make it a breeding ground for potential business abroad. Here are some of the key importance of Bengali translation that can be highlighted at any time-

  • Boosted market productivity

MSMEs can leverage their target market by hiring the best Bengali language translation services, especially if they are located within Bengal and its outskirt areas. This is because the experts can curate the translation documents and live translation based on Bengali culture and ethics. Curating according to the culture becomes very crucial because the locale is very much sentimental to their ethics and traditions which dates back ages ago. Suppose an MSME is into handloom services and products (which is very popular in the South-Eastern part of Asia) and they want to tap into the market in Bangladesh apart from businesses in other states of India like Mumbai or Delhi. In this scenario, the concerned business needs to get in touch with both Bengali document translation services and 360-degree English to Bengali translation services because they not only need to curate content in Bengal but also provide sufficient documentation in Bengali.

  • Tapping into the art and literature worldwide

As mentioned earlier Bengali literature is one of the richest in South Asia which dates back to the late 80s and hence the translation of the documents becomes very crucial. Imagine the loss of art and literature if there hadn’t been a translation service for these timeless masterpieces! We also notice how educational institutions withhold the culture and traditions of the poets, novelists, essayists, and scholars who dwelled in Bengali literature and took the game a notch above normal. So, the job of distributing the richness of Bengali art and literature, worldwide, directly falls under the role of Bengali translation services which makes them stay on the top of Bengal culture and its trends. When it comes to art, we can take the help of the handloom textile industry in West Bengal which startled the world in the 17th Century until imperial Britain crippled it right in front of the workers. Since then, the sentiment remained embedded in the workers of the Bengal textile industries and they continued to rebuild its origins right after independence. These days, the textile industry in the Eastern region is doing its best to preserve the culture and portray the richness to the outside world through professional Bengali translation services that curate content in a manner that is easily understandable to people in most parts of the world.

In the end, we all know that English is the most spoken and widely accepted language in the world today, and hence, if one is looking to expand their business or explore the potential of their Bengali art and literature, one needs to work with English to Bengali translation services to do the finishing outreach job.

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