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Retail Translation Services at the time of global pandemic

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According to a study by the global research and consultancy firm KPMG, retail industry has faced some huge challenges in the last six months; however, there are certain trends that show it is overcoming those challenges. Interestingly, the question in such a situation is what is the role or opportunities for retail translation services for the companies in the business. Needless to say there are plentiful opportunities for retail industry as is expanding quite a lot and in the coming years it is all set for mega growth.

Though the past few months have brought unprecedented uncertainty as people and businesses are facing an upheaval in the way the things have been moving, one thing for sure has been constant and that is the resolve and willingness to stand up against adversity.

Tumultuous Times Give Ways for fresh Solutions

Although some retailers, especially online stores have thrived all these uncertain times, a large number of offline stores have suffered huge losses due to lockdowns and consequent fear among customers that visiting these stores may spread COVID19. The KPMG study shows that they have observed four key fundamental trends that are influencing the retail sector. According to the consultancy firm, these trends are business model evolution, the value of purpose, the ruthless focus on reducing cost and the increased power of the consumer.

Where do the retail translation services figure in the new retail business?

Since COVID19 has impacted most of the retail shops and retail chains, they are trying their online stores and for that they updating their website. The global retail businesses and even small online stores may try their luck in multilingual set up. It would not just help them get to new regions but also explore new market opportunities that are still waiting for quality products. With retail translation services at the disposal, online stores can localize their content, inventory and prices, etc. to suit the local market and consumers.

When it comes to website and software localization of the retail shops serving online, the professional retail translation services providers are the people businesses should look for. Needless to say as the importance of digital expertise is also required from the translators, the organizations that have trained and experienced translators are the best bet when it comes to translating the content of the online retail business website.

Key factors when translating retail business websites:

  • Technological talent of translators passes on considerable cost, quality, and consistency
  • With skilful implementation of Translation Memory technology inventory and plug-ins should be translated in the local language
  • Not just translation retail platform integration should be done for greater user-experience
  • Retail industry is business to customer, user-friendly language should be used
  • Local terms for products should be used for better understanding and higher sales
  • Human translation helps in retail translation services or localization
  • Currency, weight metrics, time zones, customer support methods, etc. should be localized


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