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Let’s celebrate Independence the Indian way

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flagWe are a nation of different religion, different cultures, and different languages uniquely tied together as Indians. Freedom is our birthright and we all come together forgetting all our differences to protect our Nation from any sorts of threats to Freedom.

So what is that, that unites India? Where is the common link? I think it is the differences and not the commonness that brings us together?

We witnessed violent attacks against Christians, Muslims and Hindus on religious issues. We witnessed riots whenever Hindi is imposed as a compulsory language of study in order to make one language as the link language and national language so that linguistic unity is established.Any threat to freedom of expression and speech will be opposed vehemently.

We love India because it allows us the freedom to live with our differences and at the same time united under the umbrella of Indian Flag. That is Indianness.

Let’s celebrate Independence in all the 22 official Indian language to bring the flavor of India in all its glory.

Jai Hind. Jai Bharat



We speak in different languages. We celebrate in different language.


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