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   Key benefits of translating a website

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Before indulging in the benefits of translating a website, people who are novices in creating a website or being the facilitator of their business’s website need to understand the weightage that it holds in the market. They should be cognizant that this is the key factor that will drive their institution/businesses at a global level. Hence, they should make it more accessible to the community outside to grow. 

According to statistics only 20% of people in the world, can speak and read English. So, institutions or businessmen who haven’t translated their websites or web applications yet, are missing a great chunk of the overexpanding market. Having said that, the demand for professional website translation services is increasing by the day because people want to increase the traffic as well as the time spent by their target consumers on their websites. In simple words, people from different communities would expect to navigate through a website in their mother tongue. 

Let’s navigate through the benefits of translating a website-

  • Significant boost in Revenue & Traffic 

Translating a website attracts new audiences, exponentially grows one’s traffic, and boosts conversions to one’s business.  So, most of the new businesses and institutions look for website translation solutions that will translate the English content to at least five or six other languages, apart from the regional language of the States in which they are located. 

Another perspective to gain from this- imagine a set of customers is searching for a particular product in their regional language in Google or any other search engine, they won’t be hitting their website if that particular website does not have that language, hence they will be missing out on those set of consumers. 

  • Opportunity to do business Abroad 

With translation, businesses are proven to accelerate by providing localized information to aid international customers hence, they always seek website translation and localization services available in their State. This will help consumers from abroad to understand more in-depth about the product line, comprehensive payment methods, and navigate trial or account setup in their mother tongue. 

  • Expand the Reach of the respective Branding

Companies and institutions hire the best website translation agency to translate their website at regular intervals so as to boost and achieve worldwide brand recognition. At the end of the day, it increases trust and brand appreciation. International customers are attracted to content that fits their linguistic and cultural requirements. Pro bono tools like Google Translate often slip these nuances, so web translation services can be a good option depending on the use cases. 

  • Stand out from the cut-throat competition

In today’s scenario, if a startup hires any professional website translation services in the initial phase of their marketing strategy, they would attract more traffic from their target consumers rather than their competitors who have almost a similar product lineup. This is because they are the ones who are conveying their USP in several different languages suitable to most of the communities across continents. 

In another sector apart from the corporate world, there is tough competition among universities or online coaching centers that provides educational content on their website for students across varied countries. They seek the best website translation agency that will guide them and provide the best website translation solution which ultimately will cater to their educational content as well as their student-centric consumers.

  • Keep up with the Competition

If one’s competition is already serving online customers in their preferred language, they need to translate their website to be relevant in that particular market. A moment of gratitude to globalization, consumers have more alternatives today than ever, and they have come to anticipate highly personalized customer experiences in their favorable languages. Here comes the crucial part of implementing website localization services in one’s business/institute. Subsequently, the services take some of the revenue per month but they give back much more than expected. 

  • Complying with Regulations

Translating a website is much more than just maintaining the best practices of an industry; sometimes it is legally expected to instill localized content. Not adhering to these regulations can result in legal penalties. 

In the end, corporate businesses as well as the education industry should understand the weightage of website translation and should be aware of the best website translation and localization services within their location. It plays a major role in the growth and strategic planning. 

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