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How to use Translation as a tool in Report Writing

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report translation

A report is a written account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated. It is a systematic and well-organized presentation of facts and findings of an event that has already taken place somewhere.

There are several types of report writing which are used in business and other fields. The main motive of writing a report is to present the clients or the audience with an overview of progress made in the last few times or a financial year.

Ranging from a project report to a government report there are different types of reports like a Police report, Bank report, etc. There are formal and informal types of reports written and used for different purposes.

Let’s see why translation is needed in reports and what should be the priority of a writer while translating it.

Why is Translation of Reports required?

As you know the main motive of the report is to keep the people up to date about the company or organisation the report belongs to. These reports are translated into different languages to convey our message to the speaker of different languages. The translation makes the report worth reading in different languages.

Many investors, shareholders and customers are from different parts of the world. They’re comfortable in different languages. It is our job to make sure they engage with our reports and data so that they know about the company which will help them understand the organisation better. The more user-friendly our reports are the more they’ll be impactful for the audience.

Important things to take care of in report translation

● The report shouldn’t be translated thoroughly. The objective of the report must be summarised and then written in another language rather than translating it word to word.

● Efforts must be done to make it feel localised in the translated language. Every language has its essential elements. Those should be identified and used to make it professional.

● You shouldn’t completely rely upon AI-powered translation services. Human intervention is necessary to make sure the report is depicting the brand identity rather than just words.

● The translator must have expertise in the language and subject of the report. If the translator doesn’t know the topics well, he cannot understand the terminology which will lead to lots of mistakes.

● The translated report should sound abstract and objective. It should be to the point and error-free.

● The key elements of the report must be carefully selected. Things like introduction, preface, references, etc must be given extra attention.

If you would keep these things in mind, you will have an idea about the essentials of report translation. Even if you’re doing it yourself or expecting a translator to do it for you. These points will help you guide yourself or the translator to focus on the goals of report translation.

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