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How do Professional Translation Services Boost a Brand’s Local Marketing Campaigns?

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Every entrepreneur wants to make their venture a global brand. However, promoting a brand without strengthening its position in its local target market segments and wishing the brand would succeed on a global scale is wishful thinking. A visionary entrepreneur will try their best to make the most out of all available marketing tools. One of the most effective marketing tools is local marketing.

What is local marketing?

The promotion techniques used to make a brand or a business popular among the customers of a specific location is known as local marketing. 

What are the benefits of local marketing?

As per the spokesperson for a language service provider that offers quality-assured professional translation services, local marketing allows brands and businesses to –     

  • Quickly penetrate a target market segment
  • Increase its client acquisition and client retention rates
  • Enhance the brand’s or the business’s customer satisfaction rates
  • Form strong relationships with local partners.

Providers of professional translation services boost a brand’s local marketing campaigns in many ways. Some of them are mentioned in the sections below.

By providing mobile-device optimized website localization

61% of all traffic that the internet handles every day comes from mobile devices. Hence, brands must have websites/e-stores that are mobile-device optimized. With the help of language service providers and their commendable website translation services, brands can target prospective clients looking for offerings through mobile devices that are also offered by the brand in question and convert them into permanent customers. 

By providing content with localized keywords and key phrases

As a premier language service provider specializing in translation services in Mumbai, India, Shakti Enterprise is a specialist when it comes to offering brands with content that is local Search Engine Optimized. Shakti Enterprise offers brands localized content that has been packed with local keywords and key phrases thus making the content rank in the search queries made by prospective local customers. Analytical data shows that brands that use localization and translation services to do business on a local scale tend to witness a boost in revenue at a CAGR of 16%!

By building a strong web presence for brick-and-mortar outlets of the brand/business

Localized document translation services help brands to have access to in-store promotional collateral from the moment a brick-and-mortar outlet is inaugurated in a targeted location. With the help of localized document translation services, brands can also ensure that their customers can easily move forward in their buying journey whenever they are stepping inside the store.

By formulating localized content suitable for omnichannel marketing

Reputed providers of translation services would also take their time out and come up with localized content that a brand can use as marketing collateral for their omnichannel marketing campaigns. Here, omnichannel marketing means the online and offline strategies implemented by brands in a bid to give their local customers a seamless end-to-end brand experience.

How do language service providers like Shakti Enterprise come up with localized content fit for use in omnichannel marketing campaigns?

Well, veteran language service providers like Shakti Enterprise would formulate content that enhances the user experience for the brand in question. At the same time, the localized content will be filled with relevant information about the offerings of the brand. Furthermore, omnichannel marketing campaign-ready localized content will entail consistent brand messaging in a bid to keep the target audience segments from getting confused.

Grow your brand with Shakti Enterprise

Shakti Enterprise is an end-to-end language service provider that has been associated with the localization sector for decades. Hence, it is no surprise that the localization and translation agency will readily understand the unique requirements of your brand. Shakti Enterprise will ensure that its localization and translation services work in tandem with your brand’s local marketing strategies and at the same time use data-driven decisions in a bid to make your brand a household name in the local market segments targeted by your in-house marketing team. For more details, contact Shakti Enterprise today.


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