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How are we helping with our Modi script translation?

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modi script translation

Being a leading translation services provider in India, we have been delivering the finest range of services in dozens of languages. However, Modi script translation is special for several reasons and one of them is that it is close to our heart. Operating from Marathi speaking land, we understand the importance of Modi script for the study of Maratha Empire that had shook the whole Indian subcontinent for nearly two hundred years. There is only one source to know the history of Maratha Empire of 17th and 18th century and that is Modi script.

Notwithstanding what the loss of Modi script is the loss of Maratha civilization and also of India’s great part of history. It is said that the script started losing its sheen after the emergence of printing. However, it is not an issue about what happened to Modi script but about what to do to bring into live. The fast-changing social and political landscapes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are written in Modi script and unfortunately there are not many experts who can lend their support in the research.

Giving life to the study of Maratha Empire

Studying the issues of region, caste, class, and religion, etc. are the core of today’s identity politics and Maratha identity is invested a lot in what Maratha Empire did in the 17th and 18th centuries. There were valid reasons behind the disappearance of Modi script; for instance, according to some historians printing types, and the legibility and economy of Devanagari made the latter a popular option. Needless to say by the end of the nineteenth century in the later part of 18th century witness the diminishing relevance of Modi script.

Thus, it is far more important to bring Modi script translation into front and help the historians, researchers, scholars, journalists, etc. amongst others. It indeed is a bothering development that according to recent study, the cursive Modi script formerly used to write Marathi in addition to Devanagari is now on the verge of extinction. Allowing the script that was once an essential part of Marathi literary culture goes extinct would not just be a great injustice to the script but to the entire identity of Maratha culture and civilization.

Professional Modi script translation services

Shakti Enterprise has expertise and people who have done their study and research on Modi script to deliver you the most nuanced translation services. We are also helping the efforts from the government where it is trying to give life to the dead script. Currently Modi script is used on very limited scale for personal correspondence and efforts are underway to preserve knowledge of script before the last generation of its frequent users dies. Nonetheless, with limited resources Shakti Enterprise is contributing in the rejuvenation of Modi script.

It indeed true that Modi script was known for its utility as it was like today’s short hand and extremely suitable for reporting. Since Modi is derived from Marathi verb modne which means to break, the script means ‘broken’. Needless to say the free flowing script with its rounded, looping strokes, all features that lent themselves well to the script’s swift reproduction by scribes on paper is all set to get a new lease of life.


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