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Google Assistant Can Now Talk To Users In Hindi And 8 Other Indian Languages

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As per the news from India Today, Google Assistant will now use the language that we want for the conversations instead of the OS language on the phone. This will help Indian users in carrying out more natural conversations with the Assistant in their language. Henceforth, users can switch between different languages while talking to Google Assistant.

Google Assistant on smart speakers, smartphones, and computers will now be able to talk to users in Hindi along with eight other Indian languages without requiring the OS support.

The support for Hindi and other Indian languages was already available, but the new feature decouples the language from the OS. Therefore, to choose a particular language, the users need not change the OS language.

When asked about the change in language, A Google spokesperson said that the users could talk to their Assistant in nine Indian languages. For example, to talk in Hindi -they can say ‘Hey Google, talk to me in Hindi’ to start using the Assistant in the Hindi language, without needing to get into settings.

Google believes that this new feature will help them to tap more Indian users.

Manuel Bronstein, who is the Vice President of Product Management, said that, for many Indians, voice is increasingly becoming their preferred way to search. Therefore, Hindi has become the second-most used Assistant language globally — after English.

In addition to this, two more features are added to the Google Assistant. They are App Actions and Interpreter Mode.

In the App actions feature, Google Assistant will allow users to access different app features with voice commands. For example, using Google Assistant, users will be able to hook into the Domino’s Pizza app and order food.

Meanwhile, Interpreter Mode will let Google Assistant do real-time translations. A Google spokesperson said that the Interpreter mode would act as a real-time translator between two people who don’t speak the same language. It will be coming to Android and Android Go phones in India and will launch for translation between English and Hindi.

The ability to expand a company’s potential customer base is essential in today’s globalized world. Adapting existing products to new markets through translation and localization management is key for global growth. Here we can understand that, Google is keen to attract multilingual users. This is done by creating a localization strategy where Google Assistant is seen to support 8 plus languages.

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