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Changes happening in publishing translation services industry

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The ever expanding publishing industry whether it is India or the global is also embracing the translated content so that people speaking various languages can also read the best literature. These days a range of publications, including of magazines, books, newspapers, and directories, etc. are translated in several languages by the publishing translation services providers. The major advantage with translated content is that with it the publications can reach to new reader base at any part of the world.

Thus, whether it is greeting cards, databases, calendars, etc. or brochures and catalogues when they are translated in multiple languages tend to have deep reach. It is well understood that publishing translation services industry is also going at the same pace as is the publishing industry. Similarly, publishing industry is going through a lot of changes as well. For instance, the publishing industry is increasingly producing its material in other formats, such as CDs, online, or other electronic media.

Needless to say there could be a range of publishing materials that may come handy for publishers when they want it to get translated. Some major published materials that necessarily are translated form English to other languages or from other languages to English, some of them are:

• Theological Books for Hindus, Muslims, Christians
• Medical Books on diseases, symptoms and their cures
• Guide Books and self-help books
• Academic books for colleges and schools
• Fiction for academics and youngsters
• Encyclopedias and collections on the subjects or issues
• Textbooks and Training Manuals
• Children’s Books or playbooks
• Cookery Books on the recipes and ingredients
• Catalogues of products and services

Publishing Industry embracing the changes

The good old days of publishing industry seems to be over as establishments producing exclusively on the Internet have become popular a lot. People are willing to read online newspapers, eBooks and other online or digital versions that the traditional books and therefore, the popularity of online publishing is reaching to new heights. There could be various reasons behind the increasing popularity of digital publication; however, the leading reason seems to be the invention and popularity of gadgets.

Since gadgets can be carried to anywhere, people feel it a great experience to carry their books eBooks and e-Magazines without any hassle. Quite interestingly while there has been an increase in awareness and consciousness of numbers, there has also been a lot of innovation and experimentation. In fact, all these years the industry is behaving at its strangest as according to the data available the decade saw the use of a more evolved commissioning process.

Similarly, there has been huge number of outputs in the form of publications backed by a generation of smart editors and translators. Translation is playing an important role in making publishing companies become profitable as it takes less time and less money to get translated an already hit publication or book than asking a writer to write a book from scratch. A large number of books published in Hindi or English are translated in local languages and more often than not they become complete hit among readers.

Essentials in Publishing Translation

The fundamental reason why publishing companies look for translation whether it is their fiction and creative writing or hard facts and educational content is that it reaches to the audience that original publication could not. The companies that provide professional publishing translation services to clients in this sector tend to have ample resources in terms of translators and the tools required for systematic translation. The required tools are the most essential part of publishing translation services.

The agencies delivering the most professional publishing translation services generally work with book publishers, magazine publishers and other publishing houses to help them reach to the readers. This way the translation agency works on a wide variety of projects and at the same time ensure that translated materials engage their international readers located at several parts of the world. Notwithstanding what the publishing translation services which also include the translation of the source text into the target language is essentially the major challenge for any translation agency.

Therefore, whether it is creative translation to work effectively in a new market or translation of the desktop publishing materials, the demand for quality genuine linguists is always there. The translators are also expected to translate manuscripts which are often written in the scripts that may not even be used these days. For instance, there are several documents in Modi script which has become obsolete; however, since there is extremely useful information on Maratha kingdom available only in this script, it is essential to have a translator who knows the script well.

Publishing a book in multiple languages

Making things quite happening for publishing industry are the translators as they save a lot of time for them and help them remain profitable in their business. Thus, publishers can save more time by using DTP and typesetting services and less time in getting their content translated. The best part about the entire process is that the professional publishing translation services provider do not need much of the direction when delivering their services.

Thus, it is quite evident that the content will be fit for purpose and ready for publication as soon as translated. Needless to say it helps in getting the maximum returns from the published books as they go global when they are translated in foreign languages like Russian, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, etc. amongst others. Each of these languages has millions of speakers and they are all willing to explore the best writings.

Moreover, as various studies and data show that 72% of readers prefer content in their native language, for any publishers it is essential to get their books published in several languages. Needless to say as 67% of books are published in non-English countries, translating the material from English to local languages in Asia, Africa and other continents is quite a great business idea. The publishing translation services providers in India tend to be the great repository of technical know how and linguists. Thus, they can be hired for the job and that too at competitively lower prices.

India, the popular destination for publishing Translation

India has robust infrastructure for translation services in terms of technology and tools as well as the trained linguists. Hundreds of universities churn out thousands of foreign language and Indian language experts who are not just good in one language but several languages. Thus, they are the people who are going to help publishing companies get their books and other publications translated in dozens of local and foreign languages in order to reach to new reader base.

Needless to say as translation is not everything, it is the way it is done and how it is published, India also has a great number of publishers as well. Thus, the combination of the two industries is helping out growth of the entire segment of publishing. The India’s publishing industry covers the whole spectrum of publishing translation whether it is academic books, fiction, encyclopedia or the school textbooks; everything is done well in the most professional manner.

Similarly, these publishing companies publish translated books like training manuals, theological books, medical books and more with the close coordination of the translators and linguists. Needless to say India has a large base of English speakers and graduates in English language since the language has deep colonial connections; it has a large number of publications in English language. In fact, India has a large number of English authors as well. The publishing translation services provider help such writers by translating their English content into the local Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, etc. amongst others.

Exploring Translation of Published Materials

The translation agencies that have worked with authors and publishing houses, also contribute with their work including of proofreading, copy-editing, typesetting, cover design, and e-books, etc. amongst others. Thus, they are able to deliver allied services that come along with the translation and help the industry become competitive with active contribution. Needless to say the translators also keep in mind some factors that help them deliver the best services.

For instance, when translating into some languages as the content can be up to 20% longer, efforts are always made to reduce the unnecessary content. When publishing translation services are being delivered it is essentially a job of the translator to cut the unnecessary terms and phrases that may not be useful in the local language and at the same time use the terms that are peculiar for a local culture and ethos.

For instance, there could be some terms that may be embarrassing for one set of readers in one region or language. These should be kept out of the translated published material like book or magazine. This helps in localization of the content as it helps both i.e. the publisher not receiving unwanted or undesired attention for touching the wrong nerve and the reader also does not face embarrassment while reading the content.

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