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Amazon Alexa Now Supports Live Translation in Hindi and other languages

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If you are using Amazon Echo devices that let you instantly connect to Alexa and help you select and play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather so many others things, you must be living an awesome life. However, the company has now added another additional feature in the device wherein the users can get exclusive translation services in six languages e.g. Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, and Spanish.

Alexa voice assistant, greater utility for users

Since the voice assistant is now capable of Live Translation on Echo devices a lot of users would benefit from it. For instance, with this feature now users can start a session for real-time translation between two languages and at the same time the smart speaker in it would provide immediate voice-based translations. Thus, it would now enable a conversation between speakers of two different languages which is quite an unique feature that according to the makers going to help a lot of users.

In a statement Amazon said that currently it only works on Echo devices with locale set to USA English. Although only six languages are being supported by the device, the makers indicate that in the coming days a few more languages would be added.

Exciting Feature for Hindu Speakers

Hindi being one of the largest spoken languages around the world has huge customer base that Amazon did not want to lose. It did not make sense for them to lose a billion and more customers by not keeping Hindi one of the languages in the menu. Needless to say on most Echo devices, the feature works through audio where users can start a session just by saying ‘Alexa, translate Hindi’, or whatever other supported language they want to translate to.

It is quite interesting development given the fact that users have an Echo device with a screen, such as the Echo Show 5 or older Echo Show. Additionally, since the feature also provides an on-screen transcript for the translation it is quite a lot user-friendly than the other available options.

Better than Google Assistant?

Since the launch of Amazon Alexa Translator, a lot of people has started comparing it with Google Assistant which was launched a couple of years ago. Interestingly enough Google Assistant has a similar feature through Interpreter Mode which was rolled out for smart speakers and smart displays. Those who have been observing this segment of the market admit that Amazon is a bit late to the game.

However, according to the market observers this new feature will definitely come in handy for owners of Echo devices. Now the Echo users would hopefully get this on smart phones and once this is made possible in the real-world settings, a lot of users would benefit from it. The two companies have brought in tremendous value to the users and the world of translation with these features.

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