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Reasons to Translate Your Video and Use of Professional for the Work

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You’ve recorded a blooming video content and done every possible thing to promote it. Shared it with your friend circle and advertised it on the internet and even shared it on social media platforms.

But the results were still not as good as expected. What possibly could you have forgotten to give in? The answer is simple.

The great video content goes together with subtitles which you might have missed. Adding subtitles to your video content might show a bigger effect on the insights.

But why it is important for your video content?

Today, every other company, dealing with e-learning or any medical, need the right communication tool that can connect with the target audience.

The same goes for the business dealing with overseas clients. Similarly, for the entertainment industry too, subtitling the video is important to reach out to the audience speaking multiple languages.

This is when companies that do subtitles for movies come to the role. The reason for translation or subtitling is to have proper communication. Let us see why it is important to translate your video!

Reasons to Translate Your Video

  1. Not everyone can hear your Audio:

    Over 360 million people across the globe suffer from hearing impairment and if you don’t have added subtitles in your video, that is a huge audience, that it won’t reach.
    No matter what content you share, you don’t want to lose millions of people from watching it. Video helps the audience to understand in a better way and stay engaged. The live presence of the host creates better engagement.

  1. Most of the people don’t or can’t turn on Audio:

    Statistics have shown most of the people don’t or can’t turn audio of the video and watch them on mute. Maybe people silence audio because they are in public and can’t be disruptive or might be listening to their favorite song which they don’t want to pause.
    These people might miss out on your video content if it’s not subtitled.

  1. Improvement in Comprehension:

    Most of the people prefer watching videos with subtitles even if they don’t have to. A quick search reveals many people while watching Movies, Video or TV shows, turns on captions even if they’re native speakers of the original language. They just understand it better as people learn in different ways.

  1. Not everyone speaks your language:

    Most of the common language which is used on the internet is English. But there is a huge population in the world who do not comprehend English or whatever language you are using for your video. Even if they can’t understand your language, you can always offer subtitles in multiple languages.

  1. Viewers are more engaged:

    It has been observed that viewers are more engaged if the video is subtitled as compared to video without any subtitles. 80% of people watch the video to completion if the video is subtitled.
    When the best subtitling services undertake the job of translating the content into video, it is translated to create more engagement. Right from the language, tone and the visuals used can be more engaging to keep the audience hooked for the video.

Why Use A Professional To Translate And Subtitle Your Video?

 Subtitles are a great way to increase your video’s social reach and get more views. But where can you get these subtitles? Unless you are bilingual and have proper translation tools to caption your video accurately and have a lot of time on your hands, you can’t do this on your own.

Or maybe you have a friend who is bilingual and can translate your video easily into other languages. But do you think that would be a good idea? To stand out and produce accurate subtitles with accurate translation and precision, you’ll always need a professional help.

You can always look for video subtitling services to get professional support. However, you can rely on the subtitling services in Mumbai as there are various companies that do subtitles for movies and videos and are the best subtitling companies in India.

Subtitling video content is an art and trained professional will help you to avoid any embarrassing mistakes. Remember, how important subtitling is for your video to reach a global audience, and also for those people who have a hearing impairment.

It is necessary for you to provide quality subtitles for your video content, thus it should be considered to look for professional help. You do not want your subtitles to be a disaster and untimed, therefore subtitling services in India offer to caption your video with quality.

 You must be thinking that subtitling services prices may be very costly, but it is not! You can take support from professional services at a very affordable price.

These are professionals, experienced in subtitling video content and are multilingual. They can easily translate any video content to other languages. With proper tool, they can produce accurate subtitles to your video content.

They are expert translators in interpreting dialogue and understand every aspect to avoid the pitfalls of normal translation. Hence, it is mandatory for you to seek professional help while translating your video.

Hiring the Right Service for Subtitling:

When it comes to looking for subtitling services in Delhi, there are many companies offering the same, but Shakti Enterprise is the one whom you can trust upon. One of the leading subtitling services in India, Shakti Enterprise has a state-of-the-art lab for subtitling the video using modern tools.

The company is backed by the team of professionals who can undertake the task and offer all the required services for the same.

No matter what language or domain the service belongs to, Shakti Enterprise through its years of experiences can take up the challenge and offer the service as per the requirement. The company doesn’t only limits to subtitling service but also captioning for video materials. This is the best for audiences having hearing disorder.

So if you are into e-learning business and want to offer online courses for a specific audience, then captioning service from us is the right one you can offer. With the use of modern tools and technology.

Shakti Enterprise ensures to deliver the best subtitling and captioning services.



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