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5 Key Qualities Of A Professional Interpreter

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Professional interpreter

To sell products and services in a foreign country, you need to communicate in a language that your target market understands. The communication gap, at times tends to hinder business growth. Therefore, for a business to carry its operations smoothly and to tap global market, professional interpretation services are a must.

Language interpretation describes the vocal conversion from the source text to the target language. Interpretation is performed by experts called as interpreters. Professional language interpreters transmit ideas for foreign language speakers in different environments. To excel in their interpreting business, interpreters need to hone their skills.

According to The Nimdzi 100 annual report, the language services industry is projected to reach USD 70 billion by 2023.

Top five traits that can help interpreters to excel in their career are mentioned below:

1. Linguistic Skills

Interpreters need to have exceptional knowledge of the language they interpret for. An extensive vocabulary and excellent communication skills are a must for them to excel. To communicate effectively, they must possess superior grammatical knowledge. They must also be able to interpret idioms and metaphors properly.

2. Industry-Specific Knowledge

Most of the interpreters work in a specific field which may be legal, medical, financial, marketing, IT, business, to name a few. To be successful, they need to have specialized knowledge of a specific field. Despite of being a multi-lingual speaker, an interpreter cannot achieve success in his career if he is involved in the interpretation of a certain area in which he has zero experience. Therefore, specialty knowledge plays a major role in this regard.

3. Soft Skills

An interpreter must be a good listener. He must possess the ability to connect with a wide range of people. Building a strong network of professionals can benefit him greatly in his profession.

An interpreter must also be able to present himself as a creative professional. This can help to win the clients’ trust.

4. Certification

Being certified as a professional from a reputed interpretation institution adds a golden feather to an interpreter’s hat. It proves that he has the credentials to do the job well. Someone who is well certified is less likely to make mistakes while carrying out interpretations.

5. Culturally Competitive

Professional interpreters must have a cultural understanding of the language they interpret for. A strong grasp on the cultural norms will help to perform interpretation services smoothly. It will also help them to detect non-verbal cues that are specific to a particular geographical area. In this way, being culturally competent is an essential trait for an interpreter to reach great heights in his career.

Types Of Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation Consecutive Interpretation Telephonic Interpretation
Web conferences One to one meetings Medical appointments
Exhibitions & meetingst Business meetings & trials Customer support

Authentic Interpretation Services

A professional language interpreter possesses not only language skills, but also the interpersonal skills to get the job done right. They make business possible for international companies and clients and bridge cultural and linguistic barriers.

Shakti Enterprise is one such professional interpretation service company equipped with various expert interpreters who can meet the specific needs of your organization. We maintain strict standards to ensure that you receive only the best interpretation services from our skilled language professionals.

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