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Why Do You Need Website Translation Services In Multiple Languages?

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The age of the internet made the global corporate world all the more competitive. Back in the day, all one had to do is promote their business using a radio jingle, flyers or a billboard advertisement here and there. These traditional forms of promotion are still relevant in this digital age. But, their efficacy is losing with each passing year.

These days, entrepreneurs hire digital marketing agencies and language services providers in a bid to carve a space for their venture in the digital realm. This post, however, will shine a light on the many reasons why entrepreneurs choose to offer the websites or e-stores of their ventures in multiple languages.

Here goes – 

  • With the help of quality-assured website translation services, entrepreneurs can increase the presence of their venture on the internet by penetrating deep into the local as well as international market segments. Multilingual websites and e-stores signify that a brand is trying its best to level with its customers by conveying the marketing message in a language that is easy to understand by the target market segment members.
  • With the help of quality-assured website translation services offered by revered Language Service Providers, entrepreneurs can enhance the overall performance of their venture on the internet by boosting sales, conversions and at the same time, reducing bounce rates as well as cart abandonment rates.


  • Leading Search Engines like Google and Bing offers Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for Search Queries in more than a hundred global languages. It means that offering websites and e-stores in multiple languages can help an e-store or a website to get a boost in terms of Search Engine rankings in an organic manner.
  • There are many ways entrepreneurs can boost the image of their brand especially when they have plans to expand their venture. One of them is to keep their venture from the shadow of alienation. Target market segments will shun brands that tend to offer websites or e-stores in a single language. On the other hand, brands that offers websites or e-stores in no less than six international languages tend to carve a space in the minds of the target audience in no time. 
  • Search Indexing is a digital marketing term. It signifies the steps taken by the algorithms of leading Search Engines to include the URLs of new websites in its centralized database so that the website can be shown in the SERPs for Search Queries that include keywords pertaining to the services or products offered by a brand. Multilingual websites tend to get indexed readily by the web crawlers (algorithms) of leading Search Engines. According to leafing LSPs that offer language translation services in India, brands that need to penetrate untapped market segments quickly need to offer their e-stores and official websites in multiple languages. It is as simple as that!


All brands irrespective of their ages, sectors and size are now taking measures to ensure that their official websites or their e-stores entail multiple linguistic versions. However, entrepreneurs need to ensure that their website localization and translation services are carried out by reputed LSPs. In case you are an entrepreneur who needs quality-assured and reasonably priced website localization services, contact us. We have been associated with the sector for more than three decades. The best part, we are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001: 2015 certified. We also hold DIN 15038 and NISC-CRISIL rating SE3B. Furthermore, we are a member of the Indian Translation Association, American Translation Association and International Federation of Translators. Hence, hiring us for your website localization and translation project won’t be a bad idea. For more information, please contact us 9673844144

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