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These companies should be your top priority for localisation work

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In this blog, we will discuss in detail some of the top companies for Localisation services in India and also try to see how their significance matter in today’s globalised market.

The localisation of content and services is the first step to be worthy in the regional markets. One cannot advertise in french to target the Hindi speaking customer base. For that purpose, the business needs to be localised by adding culturally accepted and attractive methods to convey their message in the market. Translation can help you with conveying the message in another language but just conveying a message is not your goal. Businesses want to make content and marketing strategy in a way that sticks in people’s mind for that you need localisation.

These top companies are providing their services all around the world and have different specialisations in the area of localisation.

Before going into that let’s see why these companies matter and their significance in today’s world.

Why localisation companies are in demand?

Localisation and translation services have been in-demand for a long time. The companies require these services to broaden their customer base in different parts of the world. The companies themselves cannot take the responsibility of translating and localising their content. The work of localisation needs a high level of professionalism and command over the local language. It is next to impossible for a foreigner to make a marketing strategy for a language and culture alien to him. Here, the localisation companies play a major role in filling the gap. These companies provide MNCs, corporates, creators and organisations with localisation services. Companies outsource this task as they can’t even hire full-time language experts of all the languages around the world.

The companies have good linguistic experts and other resources needed to do translation and localisation of content and services in a very effective way.

The AI-powered companies automated the whole process which made it easy for companies to translate the content to some extent but the essence of the content is lost in those cases. Human expertise is a must for specially localising the services and content according to the brand image.


The introduction of the internet in India gave chance to global companies to establish their monopoly and brand in the initial process. The culture and psychology of Indians are not well understood by the outsider. At the same time, the localisation companies emerge to fill this gap. The main motive of these companies is to show the customer things as per their interest with a regional blend using local languages and demonstrations.

With time as the internet and technology reached the different parts of the country, the demand for localised services increased because the businesses wanted to be ahead in the competition. One of the easiest ways to do so is to be available in the regional language and the local cultural frame.

The localisation companies do surveys, analyse trends in local markets and further use these things to provide foreign companies with regional contexts. Moreover, the companies have native speakers as their employees. These employees are well aware of everything as of their living experience. The experience of these employees combined with their linguistic expertise is used to assist the companies for localisation.

Top companies for Localisation services

1. Shakti Enterprise – With the experience of more than 30 years, Shakti Enterprise is one of the best companies in India for Localisation services. Shakti Enterprise have some of the best linguistic experts to assist the companies in the localisation of their services. The services are provided across the different sectors including technology, business, hospitality, health and fashion industry. The company is known for providing computer-based error-free localisation services under different categories of budget and requirements. This Mumbai based company is providing localisation and translation services in national as well as international markets.

2. Mars Translation – It is one of the oldest companies to work on translation and localisation in India. They’re providing their facilities in all the industries ranging from e-commerce to gaming. They have experience working with some MNCs and big corporations.

3. Tridindia Translation – They began as a translation agency in 2005. This company is known for its highly professional services. Apart from localisation, they provide translation, subtitling service all over the country.

4. Loc’N’Apps Media: The company has a unique experience of working with big companies. They have been providing localisation services for the last 40 years. They’re known for helping and supporting marginal and small businesses to assist them.

5. Lisan India: Based in Delhi, Lisan India is another good company for quality services. The company has experience of 7 years in the industry to work with brands for localisation and translation innovatively.

Why choose Localisation services by Shakti Enterprise

Shakti Enterprise offers professional localisation services in most of the Asian and European languages backed by more than 30 years of experience around the world. We are a service agency established in Mumbai, India, equipped with the best artists around the world to ensure perfect results for your requirement. Our team consists of several artists, classified based on their expertise in language and different regional cultures and dimensions.

Our team of experts can help you with localisation services in all types of projects from websites to scripts. We have the honour to work with some of the global brands like Coca-Cola, Cisco, everyday to mention a few. Shakti Enterprise is known for its commitment towards every project and our policy of going the extra mile to ensure the best we can deliver to our clients. You can get the best quality services under different budget options without any compromise on the quality.

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