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Learn from Google the Art of Localization

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googleThis doodle from Google and daily changes are so topical and inviting that you would want to pause and appreciate localization of Google with the on-going FIFA world cup 2014.

Brazil, with a population of 190 million and sixth largest growing economy is in the grip of global attention of corporates and global companies like never before due to the hosting of the world cup 2014 and the 2016 Summer Olympics. This attention will influence growth of economy further for years to come. Companies willing to expand their market presence and grow business in Brazil will do their communication and localization strategy by associating with such events and be a part of Brazilian culture. Be it Graphic Localization, product localization, website localization, trans-creation or translation of your product or services, the trick is to immerse yourself and be a part of Brazilian leap frogging trends.

Almost half the Brazilian population use Internet and the rate of growth is one of the fastest among BRIC nations. Growth of mobile apps and smartphones as well as internet usage for product and service information by local population is a great opportunity for international companies to make an impact by localizing their communication in Portuguese, and Spanish apart from English.

Brazil, by hosting the world cup 2014 and the summer Olympics is already in the grip of global attention of corporates as it is an ideal stage for them to boost their global image by associating with such event and be a part of culture. Due to large number of internet users and growing appetite for enriching their lifestyle, Brazil is an ideal platform for new product launches.

There are no national boundaries for business and language barriers are broken due to professional translation service by native speakers with domain expertise from Shakti Enterprise. Beyondwordz a brand of Shakti Enterprises specializes in Localization of your multi-media campaigns, audio-video localization, website localization and software localization in multiple languages. Reach out to Brazilians by Localizing smartly your communication for FIFA world Cup 2014.

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