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Amazing Benefits of Learning Arabic Language and its Demand in Mumbai, India

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Arabic Language Translation Services

Arabic language is the 4th or 5th most spoken language in the world, after Spanish, Chinese, English, and Hindi/Urdu. It is also categorized as the first language of over 300 million people across more than 22 countries, signifying it as one of the most spoken languages in the world. 

The relationship between Arabs with Indians was very close from the down of the 7th century A.D. they carried on business together on the Malabar coast. This language came into existence in the early part of the 6th century A.D. It has assumed considerable importance in recent times due to the emergence of sovereign Arab states, controlling vast natural resources. Realizing the influence of the Arab states in the world scenario, the Indian government took a keen interest in Arab affairs and also in the Arabic language right after independence. Hence it is evident to this day, that professional Arabic translation services in India are in high demand and they will continue to be so for the ages to come.

The rich history and the significance that this language carried over the years, make it a great deal to learn for polyglots in India. Like any other Muslim-oriented city in India, Mumbai was a hub for Arabs in the early 20th century, especially for pearl traders. Since then, the frequent visits of Arabs continued and have grown exponentially over the last few years. An article from India Today in 2015 signified how tourists from the Middle East have started visiting Mumbai in huge numbers. This signifies the high utilization of the language in that region. 

So, if one is learning the Arabic language for their professional growth, there happens to be several benefits that come into the picture, especially if they are building a career in Mumbai and adjoining areas. The benefits can be laid down as: –

  • Improved Communication

No wonder a person who knows Arabic will be able to communicate effectively with the locals in the Arab countries as well as to the Arabic speakers in cities like Mumbai in India. This accounts for around 420 million people around the world where 380 million constitute Arabic speakers; making it the fifth most spoken language in the world. People who are fluent in the Arabic language also have the edge to work at institutes and reputed organizations in India where they require Arabic to English translation services. 

  • A key to Islamic Heritage

Apart from the Arabic-language Sunnah and Quran, there is a rich and extensive Islamic tradition. It is a legacy that the world’s greatest minds have left behind. A person can get to experience almost fourteen centuries of Islamic scholarship if he or she gets into the depth of this language. Some great scriptures are translated into English and that is where Arabic document translation services come into play. Great Islamic institutions around the world take the responsibility to preserve the plethora of disciplines that arose with the primary goal of understanding the core Islamic sources. Arabic translation and interpretation services in Mumbai are also on the rise because of the renowned Islamic institutions which have been set up in the early days of Arabic influence in the country. Having said that, professional Arabic translation services are also of high interest in this region because of the exponential rise of Arab tourists in the region as mentioned earlier. Renowned hotel chains and restaurants seek an Arabic translation service provider, now and then, to meet up the needs of communication when their footfalls are on the rise. Hence, if a person learns this language, there is a greater chance to get a translation job in Mumbai with a decent salary. 

  • Opportunity to explore Countries where the Arabic language is prevalent

Traveling and enjoying a trip to any Arab-speaking country becomes the easy part of a person’s abilities if he or she learns this language. This is again because of the ease of communication that happens with the local community situated there. Of course, the Arabic to English translation is the most sought-after service in those countries as well because of the diverse culture that the Arabic countries have nowadays, but to travel and to understand the mindset and rich culture of the local community, one has to get into the depth of the language.

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