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April, 2015

Language as a Profession – Translator and Interpreter

A question is posed to many young people during their school days regarding what should one do, down the road. Naturally, the course must not be set conclusively while one is still in the school. However, if one has already determined that he/she has a passion for languages, possibly, the doors for the professional translator […]


The importance of translation in the Tourism business

The tourism has developed into an extremely important global industry with continuous increase in the number of tourists in the entire world. It is thus necessary to translate the numerous documents in several languages in order to comply with the requirements of the hotels, tour operators and travel agencies as well as inquiries of the […]


The significance of accurate translations for international business organization

Why is “linguistic correctness” of enormous importance for mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs? With an aim to develop internationally diverse and continuously growing client base, it is absolutely necessary to display expressive and meaningful content in the native language as well as foreign language. More and more companies are identifying the attractive opportunities offered by the […]

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