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Translation strategy for India

India is a land of diverse cultures and languages. Although English is understood, it cannot connect with the common man. There is no doubt that translation from English to local languages plays a crucial role for effective reach. The question is… How many languages to translate? Hindi is a must to cover the Northern Belt. […]

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Multi-lingual website is the key for global success

Do you know? Only 27% of the total internet users are native English speakers and the percentage is coming down year on year. Chinese will soon overtake English in terms of number of Internet users More than 70% of total internet users can be effectively reached just by adding to your English website 7 languages […]

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Let’s celebrate Independence the Indian way

We are a nation of different religion, different cultures, and different languages uniquely tied together as Indians. Freedom is our birthright and we all come together forgetting all our differences to protect our Nation from any sorts of threats to Freedom. So what is that, that unites India? Where is the common link? I think […]


Software localization: helping software companies improve the way they do business

The advent of globalization has triggered the need for companies to ensure that their software is able to “communicate” properly to its users, regardless of language or location. Software localization does just this. Rather than translate the original language of the interface on the target market, you also have to contextualize the nuances of cultural […]

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The significance of accurate translations for international business organization

Why is “linguistic correctness” of enormous importance for mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs? With an aim to develop internationally diverse and continuously growing client base, it is absolutely necessary to display expressive and meaningful content in the native language as well as foreign language. More and more companies are identifying the attractive opportunities offered by the […]

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Content is King only if it is Localized

Content is King only if it is understood by large population of the market by translation that is localized in such a way it speaks their language and culturally connects. Just as even a pawn can checkmate a king if effectively used, multi-lingual website content can act as your powerful marketing weapon and influence customers […]

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NAMO CAMPAIGN | The Untold Secret of Success

The historic win of BJP and massive mandate it received in the parliamentary election of India is the most talked about subject and will remain so for years to come. It will be a ‘case study in marketing’ for many management students. The entire campaign supported by social media addressed the aspirations of young India […]

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Is Hindi the Bhasha of Bharat?

A small note on 27th May 2014, from the Indian home ministry to government departments in Hindi speaking states to use Hindi for government communication and in social media platforms, is good enough news for media to lap up and rekindle a controversy that rocked the nation way back in 1964 against imposing Hindi as […]

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