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NAMO CAMPAIGN | The Untold Secret of Success

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The historic win of BJP and massive mandate it received in the parliamentary election of India is the most talked about subject and will remain so for years to come. It will be a ‘case study in marketing’ for many management students. The entire campaign supported by social media addressed the aspirations of young India and projected a need for positive change.

According to Mr Vikas Pandey a 30 year old software architect and son of Dr Satya Pandey – a BJP leader, the social media campaigns like “I support Namo” on Facebook and Twitter along with Mr. Narendra Modi’s official You Tube Channel drew unprecedented ‘Likes’ and following mainly because of smart planning and in-depth knowledge of technology.

Apart from Social Media, the multi media campaigns were also well thought of with tactical hard hitting series of films on the slogan “Janta Maaf Nahin Kareingi” and a series of positive, confident animation films on the slogan “Ab ki baar, Modi Sarkar”.


There were many things that went right. The strategy was right. The package was right. The executions across all channels were right. Along with multi-media campaign, social media and PR played its role to spread the message  on-line. It was like a carpet bombing of consistent message that Mr. Narendra Modi with his proven track record of good governance in Gujarat is the only person who will bring change and set India on a fast track of development and growth.

The conscious decision by BJP to project Mr Narendra Modi as the prime ministerial candidate right at the beginning of the campaign and the decision to make him contest from Varanasi were master strokes. The on-ground activities like events, rallies with focussed communication did wonders to build a massive excitement around the brand ‘Modi’.

NAMO campaign had a clear objective to win more than 272 seats in the election and gain clear majority in Loksabha. The on-ground campaign worked well like an orchestra,with a single goal to make Mission 272+ a grand success. Mr Modi, the leaderwho led from the front, set an example to millions of BJP Karyakartas with his unwavering attitude and confidence.

NAMO campaign’s success is attributed for its ability to read the pulse of the nation and electorates’ desperation for change. Media experts understood the mood of the nation and played along to gain TRP for their channel and readership for their publication. The media noise also contributed to build an excitement and a Modi wave. Irrespective of religion, caste, income difference the mood was “Ache Din Anay Wale Hain”.

The electorate went all out and gave clear majority to BJPto fulfil their great expectation. How did this happen? What is the fundamental reason for India with diverse culture, language, religion and customs to come united within months of BJP’s electoral campaign and back up BJP which till recently was perceived as sectorial and communal and not really secular?

Mr Narendra Modi knew the challenging situation and took decisions to side-line those within the party who were not willing to align with him. Then he channelized the all regional allies to his line of thinking so that conflicting messages are not spread to the public through media. He set Mission 272+ as the ultimate goal and broke them into state-wise goals.

Having set Mission 272+ as the goal, every worker suddenly forgot petty quarrels and worked for larger goal. Once perfect alignment was established the next move was to target different groups after research.

Localization of the script after research was done in order to culturally connect with target group at each of 400+ rallies which Mr Narendra Modi addressed. This was done with aplomb and there was credibility as well as sensationalism which people loved to hear. He localized himself by wearing different skull caps and chose not to wear other religious skull caps as a mark to show that he respects their religion but cannot be a follower. The power of clarity and ability to speak their language that goes beyond words are powerful enough strategies which Mr NarendraModi adapted wherever he went. If it was in Banglore where he tweeted and projected hi-teck, in Varanasi he became sentimental and touched an emotional chord. There are many such examples to prove the point that culturally connecting and localizing the global message are two important ingredients of result oriented communication. NAMO Campaign was built on these two ingredients. Therein lie the secret of success.

At Shakti Enterprise, we believe effective communication is all about localizing the global communication in native language and culturally connecting with target groups for maximising return on investment. While appreciating the NAMO campaign, we take pride in playing our part by rendering translation service.

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