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5 Challenges and Importance of Financial Translation

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Finance is a global sector that keeps growing with time. Due to the high competitiveness of the finance sector all around the world, making errors while calculations, financial localisations, translations, and etc. isn’t an option at all.

So, if a business entity searches for translation and interpretation services, it must look out of for the most experienced linguistic company in its area. Fortunately, Mumbai offers you one of the best financial translation companies to help you with financial localization and translation.

Importance of Financial Translation:

Businesses are now a global phenomenon. While small-scale industries keep their business growth limited within their own locality, it’s the multinational companies those try to reach overseas markets. However, taking the business to a global stage is a huge leap. The growth of such business depends on certain risk factors.

For example, the financial terminology in one country may not be similar to the terms of another country. Hence, to make the international audience understand the objectives of the business, financial translation is required.

Financial translation involves translating all the documents from the existing language to the ones which the international community can easily understand.

Most of the MNCs look forward to establishing their branches in different overseas markets. And after opening the branches, the business entity keeps promoting and selling their products among the new international community.

And that’s when financial translation takes place. These business companies prepare several documents such as business plans, future prospects, sales analysis, revenue earnings, management reports, administrative processes, several balance sheets, income statements, and etc.

So, to represent the business statement in a different zone, financial translation is done to target a specific niche audience. And these translational works are performed by expert financial linguists.

Challenges in Financial Translation:

Linguistics often face a lot of challenges while preparing financial documents and translating the document for different target audiences. However, the challenges aren’t just limited to documentation.

Privacy and confidentiality are also two of the major concerning aspects in the finance sector. And only an experienced financial translation services can handle such factors with ease.

Now, let’s have a look at the challenges faced by linguists while doing translation work for a business.

  1. Getting the terminology right

    One of the most challenging aspects of financial translation is the fact that languages differ from one place to another. And hence, the business terms also differ. For example, while the term “debtor” is commonly used in New Zealand, the same term is known as “accounts receivable” in the United States. Translation companies with less experience and knowledge might mix up these terminologies, and hence create some grave errors while documentation.

    In business, one simple error could lead to a total statement change, which in turn would affect the revenue earnings of the company. The business terms can also differ from one sector to another. Hence, the linguist must have a deep understanding of the financial sector.

  2. Overseas regulations

    If a business organization aims to collaborate with another business organizations in the latter’s country, the former must meet certain regulatory compliances as defined by the country. For example, if an organization wants to establish its branch in the United Kingdom in collaboration with an UK-based organization, the former must submit statements those follows all the regulatory compliances. And these documents must be translated by an expert financial Translation Company so that the various terminologies used in the documents become easily understandable.

  3. Privacy

    A business is always at the risk of losing its vital information to its nearest competitor. And nowadays with the availability of suitable technologies, hackers can easily hack the databases where documents of a company are kept. To avoid such happenings, the business organization must ensure that the linguist company has all the right technologies to ensure confidentiality and privacy. Besides, checking a translation company’s track record in the past before entrusting it with translational works would be a good idea.

  4. Preciseness

    Most linguists don’t consider preciseness to be a problem at all. However, this is the one aspect where they should focus the most. Finance includes calculations involving numbers. And one small mistake could lead to a totally different mathematical outcome. Just like languages, the number systems also vary from country to country. Hence, linguists must be well aware of the number system followed in the target country. As acuteness and preciseness are most desired in translating numbers, business organizations must hire a translating company that has its root in the finance sector.

  5. Time constraints

    Today’s world is more competitive than ever. And this case is true when it comes to businesses. All business organizations are involved in a race with each other. The business entities lagging behind are the ones to opt out of this race soon. So, in order to keep up with the rapid development pace, all business related works must be done way ahead of time. Same is the case with the translation. A business organization must hire a translation company that has a track record of doing translational works strictly within the deadline. The timesheets, statements, reports, and other documents of a company are constantly updated. And in order to keep the target audience informed about such changes, the linguists must translate the documents within the time.


Document translation is one of the most important aspects of today’s business. No business organizations with an intention to grow to keep itself limited to its local market. From a medium scale to large scale industries, all look for ways to invade the foreign market. While there are several factors to be considered in taking a business to the overseas market, translational works are those which must be kept as the top priority.

While there are several challenges involved in financial translation, the combination of the right skills and experience can always make the job easier. So, if you are searching for a translation company, you must connect with Shakti Enterprise. Shakti Enterprise is a leading financial translation company in Delhi which expertizes in translation and localization of documents. Besides having a wide financial translation dictionary, it offers linguists who have a background in the finance sector.

So why take a risk of having a miscommunication with clients and customers, when you the best financial translation company for your assistance.

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