How to engage villagers digitally?

Region-specific localized content is one the surest way to engage villagers digitally. Localize your website and take advantage of a rural surge in acquiring Smartphones. Here are reasons why you must plan for website Localization immediately: The shift from using basic mobile phones to internet based smartphone is on the rise. Internet Users in India […]

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Translation strategy for India

India is a land of diverse cultures and languages. Although English is understood, it cannot connect with the common man. There is no doubt that translation from English to local languages plays a crucial role for effective reach. The question is… How many languages to translate? Hindi is a must to cover the Northern Belt. […]

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The untapped Potential of localization for market expansion

For Indian companies, given the optimism and mood, it is now the right time to launch a full scale global communication to succeed and grow in global market. One of the first steps is globalization of product and services for International market. The next step is to localize the website in the language of the […]

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The 7 most widely spoken languages in the world

You know how many languages ​​exist in the world? Today about 7,000 languages ​​in the world, of which 2,200 of them are in Asia. It is further estimated that 231 languages ​​have completely extinct. You know what the world’s population today? Over 7 billion! If the world were perfectly symmetrical, each of the 7,000 languages […]

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Multi-lingual website is the key for global success

Do you know? Only 27% of the total internet users are native English speakers and the percentage is coming down year on year. Chinese will soon overtake English in terms of number of Internet users More than 70% of total internet users can be effectively reached just by adding to your English website 7 languages […]

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Add Website Localization to your portfolio of services and grow business

We have provided website localization in Indian and foreign languages to some of our clients like TATA Group, Aditya Birla Group, BSNL, Hero Motors, India Tourism, Kerala Tourism, Symtrax, Rolta, and many more. Why Website Localization? Worldwide Internet users are growing at a faster pace in Non-English nations and they can be only reached in […]


Let’s celebrate Independence the Indian way

We are a nation of different religion, different cultures, and different languages uniquely tied together as Indians. Freedom is our birthright and we all come together forgetting all our differences to protect our Nation from any sorts of threats to Freedom. So what is that, that unites India? Where is the common link? I think […]


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